Next 3rd of June (13:15 to 14:05 GMT+2) in the framework of the Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW), you will discover about Neuromorphic computing. It is a VLSI technique developed in the late 1980s but only recently approaching commercial applicability.  Its radically decentralized and heterogeneous architecture – inspired by our understanding of the brain – bypasses fundamental bottlenecks in contemporary computing, enabling certain computational tasks to be performed with unprecedented speed on a startlingly low energy budget.

We introduce this technology and describe its application for machine olfaction.  Specifically, we present a series of brain-inspired algorithms for the rapid online learning and identification of chemical analyte samples under conditions of strong destructive interference, based on the architecture of the mammalian olfactory system. Some versions are deployed on the Intel Loihi neuromorphic platform.

About the  speakers: Prof. Thomas Cleland participated in the development of the biological olfactory model at Cornell University and Nabil Imam is actually Visiting Research Fellow at Yale University, while previously developed the Loihi neuromorphic computing chip at Intel.

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