Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW, 29th May – 5th June 2021) is an international event that aims to promote innovation and interconnect the perfume industry, while giving visibility to olfaction science worldwide. For a week, Barcelona and its surroundings deep into the world of perfumery, with more than 50 digital (and on-site) activities with cultural, scientific, and artistic aspects on the universe of olfaction and perfume.

In this framework, the III Barcelona Olfaction Virtual Congress (1st to 3rd June, 2021) is a virtual scientific event devoted to promoting fragrance science and technology, as well as research in olfaction-related fields. The third edition will count on fine fragrance trends worldwide, research in olfactive vectors from different sectors, innovation and technology applied to scent, and health-related aspects of olfaction.

To register for the III Olfaction Congress you need to register at the Barcelona Olfaction Week platform, where you will be able to enjoy all the online activities included in the BOW.

Cost for registration is 300 €+VAT.

Beauty Cluster members can register directly with a 50% discount to all the BOW activities through the link provided (discount included):  REGISTRATION FOR BEAUTY CLUSTER MEMBERS