In the framework of the Global Cosmetics Cluster- Europe, COSMETIC VALLEY presents a focus with 3 experts, from the famous Globallians network, on 3 strategic countries : USA, India, United Arab Emirates unleashing the current potential for market expansion.


A 3-part webinar revealing the keys to succeed in entering these massive markets.

Chat tool : Each part will be followed by a Question and Answer session with the expert.

Part 1: Making it in USA – OUINO Consulting outlines the current state, future and opportunities of the cosmetic & beauty industry in the United States for new market entrants. Participants gain inside knowledge and a first-hand understanding of the steps to succeed in the US market.

Part 2: Making it in INDIA – In this webinar, EXPANDYS will take a look at the changing face of the Indian cosmetics industry, the opportunities it presents to companies and how to make it in this price competitive market. Our overview of the industry will cover the market size, leading industrial players, product trends, consumer trends, spending habits pertaining to cosmetic and personal care products, and India as a sourcing destination. In the end we will take a look at how a French cosmetic giant set out to win India.

Part 3: Making it in United Arab Emirates – During this webinar, TTE GULF will review the opportunities that have emerged post Covid-19 and the different solutions to expand commercially in the United Arab Emirates, a country which is recognized as a strategic commercial HUB between Europe, Asia & Africa.


Before September 8th 2020

Price : Free for members of AEBB, Beauty Cluster Barcelona, Cosmetic Valley, IKMIB, Polo della Cosmesi and Transilvania LifeStyle Cluster

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Sandy Palaniappan – Senior Consultant @OUINO CONSULTING – Sandy works as Senior Business Consultant at OUINO Consulting in Houston, Texas, United States.  Sandy brings a wealth of experience in international trade and sales development having worked with start-ups, public companies (small to large), and governmental trade institutions throughout her professional career.

Radhika Yelkur – India Director @EXPANDYS – Radhika is the India Director at Expandys. With a 20+ year career covering several industries, from textiles and fashion to telecommunications and aerospace, she today helps foreign companies with their market expansion in India, and Indian companies with market expansion abroad.

Jean-Pierre Labry – Managing Partner @TTE GULF – TTE GULF is a Dubai based consulting company offering operational services to accelerate your commercial growth in the Middle East Region. With a strong experience of 25 years’ experience in the Region, Jean-Pierre LABRY, French national and Board Member of TTE GULF, is today recognized as an expert for the Middle East region. During this session, he will give you an overview of the UAE market and the opportunities to develop your business.

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