Date: 24th of May – 10:00h to 12:00h GMT+2

Language: English

Place: Online 

Next 24th of May (10:00 to 12:00 GMT+2) in the framework of the Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW)NEZ and Beauty Cluster organize a round table. International experts will talk  about the relation of biotechnology and  perfumery. 

Biotechnology is emerging in the perfumery industry as a tool that can provide stability in the supply of ingredients, with no harvesting fluctuations that deeply depend on climate or seasonality.

Additionally it may enable new sustainability perspectives and better economic viability of ingredients in the market. This roundtable will discuss how the perfumery industry is embracing biotechnology and the wide range of possibilities that open for ingredient sourcing.


  • FLORENT GLASSE, Director of sales – NATURAMOLE

I’ve been working at Naturamole since almost 2 years.

Before that, I was a student at the Paris-Saclay University and ended my studies with a Master’s Degree in Biotechnologies, but I’ve always loved the Sales domain, thus, I worked a lot on my own to get the basic knowlegde a good Sales-man should have.

As my end-study intership, I’ve been hired as a Business Developer at Ynsect (a French Unicorn focusing on the production of the next generation of Food&Feed raw materials) to work over the development of some petfood business units toward the existing markets (which, at this time were -and still are- considered as ‘niches’).

At Naturamole, I’m now working as Director of Sales (promoted from Sales-man to this role, one year after my arrival) and so far, I’ve helped the company grow in one year what would have usually taken 3 years (from its common 12% CAGR to 53%, one year after my arrival -still, note that I wasn’t alone and that’s mainly due to the cohesion of the whole team).

  • SYLVAIN ANTONIOTTI, Director of research at the CNRS and director of the Institute of innovation and partnerships Flavors Perfumes Cosmetics of the University Côte d’Azur
  • JAGODA KRYSZTOPIK, Senior Sales Manager – Ventós

Graduated in French Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, she speaks 6 languages and decides to work in commerce.

She starts her almost first professional experience at Ventos in 2007 at sales in the French, Italian, Eastern European and Russian markets.

Nowadays, she is managing the purchase of natural molecules and coordinating the sales team for key customers in Europe.

In 2022 she joins the biotechnology team and in parallel becomes responsible for the new Flavor Ingredients Division, coordinating new projects and supporting the team in the search for raw material suppliers.

  • VÉRONIQUE NYBERG, Perfumer and vice-president of fine fragrance creation at Mane, Mane