BCB opens a tender for a database licensing project

Beauty Cluster Barcelona opens a tender to subcontract a consultancy work for the project GCC.eu. We are looking for a consultancy firm capable to provide access to market data in beauty and personal care industries around 5 key international markets and global market trends in order to determine uncovering and strategic international market opportunities for SMEs members of the european clusters participating in the project.

  • About GCC.eu: Full information at https://www.clustercollaboration.eu/escp-profiles/gcceu . This project is funded by the Cosme Go International Program.
  • Objective of the consultancy work to be developed: To give open access to a database during 2021 including consumer trends & lifestyles, companies & brands, product categories & distribution channels, economics & forecasting, data science & analytics for the beauty and personal care industry.
  • Information that the database must provide:
    • Access to trustable info on 11 countries. All the information related in the following bullets should be provided for the 5 international markets of analysis (India, South Korea, USA, Emirates and Mexico) and for the 6 international markets of origin of project partners (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Romania).
    • Acces to Beauty and Personal Care data. Including all the information about historical data and forecast splitted by categories for: market volume, brand sales, company sales, sales by channel, packaging and ingredients. Also including info about some crossed cathegories between beauty and food like vitamines or slime weight.
    • Access to info about claims evolution on each market, to identify the most prevalent claims used across countries and product categories.
    • Acces to info about digital on each market, to understand digitally connected consumers, examining how technological advances are altering the way that consumers research, shop and pay for all types of products and services.
    • Access to info about retail on each market, including info useful to understand the retail in the market. From global and country overviews of product category performance, company and brand analysis, to indicators on a country’s consumer and business environment.
    • All the database must be at least in English.
  • Requeriments from the expert consultancy to be contracted:
    • Long experience in data collection for the beauty and personal care industry. Experience in similar consultancy projects for internationalitation of SMEs belonging to associations at the beauty industry.
    • Years of experience: 5 years
    • Previous projects in the Beauty industry
    • At least 2 of the following languages should be spoken to facilitate the understanding and translating of the information provided by the partners: French/Spanish/Portuguese/Catalan.
    • The company must justify their capability to be contracted for a project funded with public money.
  • Offer:
    • The offer has to be all costs included. The maximum value accepted for the offer is 10.000 € for the 1 year access to all the data (from 1st january 2021 to 31st december 2021).
    • Requires a detailed explanation of the info included in the license to access the database
    • Economical offer can not be below a reasonable cost for a similar data market flat access license. Any offer that could be considered unsostainable will be rejected. Unsustainable offer is that one with 20% lower than maximum budget proposed.
    • The maximum lenght for the full proposal is 20 pages.
  • Evaluation criteria: as a responsible in the project for this task, Beauty Cluster Barcelona will select the proper collaborator based on the quality of the proposal and the trustful of the database and info provided about the access to all the info needed.
    • Excluding criteria: if the info is not available in English the proposal will not be evaluated.
    • Quality of the proposal – (49 points)
      • Technical quality of the the database, its trustful sources and its capabilities to make easy the work planned in the project related to exploit information: 15
      • Match between the cathegories of info requested and the information included in the database: 34
        • Beauty and personal care data: 11 points
        • Packaging and ingredients: 6 points
        • Digital: 5 points
        • Retail: 5 points
        • Claims: 7 points
    • Economical analysis of the proposal – (51 points)
      • Calculation formula: (51 points to be evaluated compared with the minimum quotation received (quotation vs. minimum quotation). Unsustainable offer with 20% lower than maximum budget proposed will not be considered.
  • The proposal must be sent by email to manager@beautyclusterbarcelona.com with the subject GCC.eu Tender before 4th December 2020


Global Cosmetics Clusters – Europe is a partnership of European Cosmetics clusters to boost SMEs international business opportunities toward third markets. It is composed of 6 structures (Cosmetic Valley, Beauty Barcelona Cluster, Transilvania Lifestyle Cluster, Beira Baixa Business Association and Istanbul chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association, covering 4 European Member States (FR, ES, RO, PT) and Turkey. 

Our ESCP-4i has set 6 specific objectives:

  • To encourage business, international and R&D cooperation across sectorial boundaries;
  • To focus on supporting SMEs in international accessing markets in particular through an Acceleration Programme tackling these 5 targeted countries;
  • To foster cooperation among cluster organisations and its members in the ESCP-4i;
  • To support the establishment of value chains (in particular in health, digital, agroindustry, circular economy) along with the cosmetics cross-sectorial industry, geared towards international markets, based on inputs and needs from SMEs;
  • To develop a governance system and a common branding for the ESCP-4i to ensure active and sustainable collaboration among the different stakeholders;
  • To promote and increase the visibility of GCC.eu as a cluster representing the whole value chain on cosmetics: Production of plants, raw material or ingredients, beauty brand (cosmetics, perfumes, devices…), manufacturing and formulation, distribution and retail, testing and analysis, packaging, research and training, engineering, machines, tools, instruments.