Mix it! Blend it! Skincare goes BIY

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Mixing facial treatments is an age-old tradition. Preparing your ingredients before applying them to your face turns skincare into a ritual. One that brings a feeling of wellbeing, of spending some precious ‘me-time’. Whether blending your favourite colours or combining different products, this active involvement in the practice of skincare is trending – and packaging is here to help.

Trend-enabling packaging

Beauty packaging has evolved. Far from being a mere container, today’s formats can protect the product, dispense the perfect dose, transform the formula (think foamers!) and positively impact the consumer’s experience of both product and brand. Smart packaging is exactly that: smart. And that’s what makes it perfect to support the mixing trend.

Demand for mixing stems both from a desire to create a new look – better known as blend-it-yourself, or BIY – and from the need to enhance a treatment. Products are entering the market that combine two different products to achieve a particular effect like anti-ageing or dark spot correction. They might bring together hyaluronic acid and ceramides or blemish cream and soothing lotion.

Two-in-one packs are ideal to store two different serums. The products can be dispensed separately or together through a single nozzle, depending on the treatment. Choosing an airless pack like Yonwoo’s Dual Chamber further adds value by protecting the formula from oxidisation and external contamination. The dual concept can apply to jars as well, with two containers for thicker, creamier formulas.

Some active ingredients need to be stored as powder due to their short lifetime. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is often kept in powder form until the moment of use. Packs like the Yonwoo Twin Mix Airless keep it in an upper compartment. Twisting the neck releases the powder into the serum in the bottle, activating the formula before application with the pump.

Quadpack offers a number of solutions, including Yonwoo’s VX Twin Mix Airless and VX Twin Mix Dropper, and the Twin Mix dropper – all powder/liquid packs that are perfect for OTC, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical formulas.

Safe and beautiful BIY

The blend-it-yourself trend follows market demand for greater control of the everyday beauty routine. Younger consumers in particular are experimenting with different combinations, although care must be taken when combining ingredients. It is always a good idea to consult a pharmacist or medical expert before blending certain actives.

Packaging can offer a degree of personal control by offering safe combinations. For example, putting together moisturising cream with a choice of foundation allows you to mix as much of your own, personal colour into your moisturising cream. The two-in-one format makes it portable and convenient, too.

Yonwoo’s Dual Dish Jar is an ideal example for such an application, featuring a special mixing dish below the two nozzles. Press more or less of one or the other and mix them before application. Simple, easy and perfect for the occasion.

Personalisation is one trend that will endure for years to come, as the Millennials and Generation Zers grow up. Their innate desire for self-expression will drive packaging and formula development, to allow them to create their own, personal products. Mixing is just the start. Watch out for next year’s developments in mass customisation, to gauge where the beauty market is headed!

Julie Vergnion
Skincare Category Manager en Quadpack