22 NOV | Presented the circular economy guide for the beauty sector

Guía economía circular industria beauty

Barcelona, November 22, 2022. The first circular economy guide for the beauty industry has been presented during Beauty Sustainability Day, an event that brings together professionals from the sector interested in sustainability issues in the beauty, perfumery and cosmetics industry. personal care.

This is the first informative guide created specifically for companies in the beauty sector and its entire value chain with the aim of guiding them in the transition towards the circular economy.

The circular economy is an economic model that is based on the use of renewable energy and materials. The objective is to move towards more sustainable and responsible modes of production and consumption that prioritize recycling, reuse, repair or renewal to create new products or generate added value. Upcycling is the trend that collects these points and is based on taking advantage of “waste” to create new and higher value products from recycled materials.

This guide includes extensive research work with the aim of guiding the beauty sector in a transition towards the circular economy. All the information it provides can be useful for both an SME and a large company. Sustainable strategies, trends, good practices and regulations are shared.

This document serves as a basic pillar for any consultation that has to do with the circular economy and aims to clarify concepts, something more than necessary at the moment of transition in which we find ourselves. The current context is marked by the scarcity of raw materials, climate change, the rise of renewable energies, the fight to protect biodiversity, the use of new technologies, the growth of e-commerce, the implementation of new models of business… all of this leads to changes in both consumer behavior and business development.

The beauty industry is in the process of adapting to be able to respond to the demands of the current market. Many companies in the sector already serve as a benchmark and have carried out changes at all levels: from the business structure to the final product.

In the guide you can find different examples and success stories, although there is no single way to apply the circular economy, each company must adapt it to its own context.

From the Beauty Cluster we hope that this circular economy guide in the beauty industry can serve as a driving force and inspiration to launch new strategies and actions that allow us to move towards a more sustainable model.

We appreciate the collaboration of Inèdit Innova and the Catalan Waste Agency.

You can download the guide here.