27 JUL | The ‘SmellmasK’ is already a reality

Barcelona, 27 July 2021. The Beauty Cluster and MODACC (the Catalan Fashion Cluster), in collaboration with the Foundation for Textile Innovation FITEX, have just launched the “SmellmasK” mask on the market, a reusable hygienic mask made of knitted fabric that, thanks to its greater breathability, allows odours to be perceived much better than the usual hygienic masks.

The perfumery sector, through the Beauty Cluster, had long noted that the use of the mask meant a reduction in the sense of smell, a fact that could end up harming innovation and the sector’s economy. Last year, MODACC, together with FITEX, developed the Fitmasc, an ergonomic, hygienic, washable and reusable protective mask with a certified inner fabric that acts as a bacterial filter and is more breathable than fabric masks. Based on this experience, they have jointly developed the “SmellMasK” mask, which is now available for sale.

The new mask has a filtration efficiency of 91.4% before washing and 90.38% after 20 washes (European standards state that filtration efficiency must be higher than 70% for hygienic masks), and as for its most distinctive feature, it has a breathability of 18 Pa/cm2 before washing and 20 Pa/cm2 after 20 washes (European standards state that breathability must be less than 60 Pa/cm2). The outer composition is 100% antibacterial polyamide, and the inner filter composition is 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. Thanks to the inner filter, the face mask has passed the European 2020 tests for bacterial filtration and breathability.

To analyse in detail the olfactory advantages of the mask, the Beauty Cluster has carried out a comparative analysis using the BAST-24 system (Barcelona Smell Test) directed by Dr. Josep de Haro, an internationally renowned specialist in sensory sciences. The results have clearly shown the better user experience compared to fabric masks. In addition, the Beauty Cluster has provided perfumery experts with testing units for the masks and the results have been very satisfactory for the main experts in the olfactory industry.

According to Ivan Borrego, CEO of Beauty Cluster: “SmellmasK is the mask that perfumery and cosmetics professionals have been waiting for. It allows us to continue our professional work while feeling protected and without losing our ability to detect smells, recognise them and enjoy our sense of smell“.

David García, Managing Director of MODACC adds: “The manufacturing method, the materials used and compliance with the criteria set out in the Spanish UNE0065 standard for reusable hygienic face masks and the applicable European standards guarantee extraordinary protection, adaptability and comfort for the user“.

The SmellMasK mask is on sale through www.087locallab.com, an e-commerce platform that offers innovative and quality products manufactured by the textile and fashion industries of Catalonia with the collaboration and technical advice of the FITEX technology centre.