October 24th, 2018. Beauty Cluster Barcelona has held the session “Research and challenges in atopic dermatitis” with the aim of publicizing the latest scientific advances in reference to this skin pathology and attended by more than 80 professionals in the sector of beauty.

The day began with an explanation of the characteristics of atopic dermatitis in adults and children, followed by a presentation on the latest research and the state of the art of this type of pathology.

Attendees have also been able to learn more about the immunological mechanisms in dermatitis and the current challenges faced by laboratories in the formulation of products.

Throughout the day, other topics have been treated as the latest cutting-edge solutions presented so far to help patients who coexist with this pathology and the processes of claims aimed at atopic dermatitis.

The session ended with a round table open to questions from the attendees and sharing the conclusions of the day.