January 17th, 2018. The Beauty Cluster Barcelona has held the session on “Future trends in the cosmetic sector – Horizon 2022”, with the aim of knowing what will be the main propensities of consumers and companies in the purchase and innovation of the products for the next three years.

The day began with the intervention of Ambra Orini, partner and co-director of The Beauty Markers, who has explained what the new user consumption patterns will be regarding the cosmetic products in the near future.

Likewise, the attendees were able to see, through the presentation of Josep Maria Garrofé, CEO and owner of Garrofé, how the evolution of the packaging sector is expected in the coming years, taking into account sustainability and recycling values.

Finally, the day ended with the presentation of Maria Torrubia, Skin Care International Marketing Manager at Angilini Beauty, on how to apply trends in the design of new products.

The meeting was attended by more than 70 professionals from the beauty sector, who at the end of the day were able to share conclusions and resolve doubts.