80 companies at the Conference about Trends with Nelly Rodi and the Beauty Cluster Barcelona


Session “Classic is not boring. Reviving Tradition” with Nelly Rodi and The Beauty Cluster


  • The Beauty Cluster and Nelly Rodi have organized a session on the principal macro trends and the importance of coming back to classic and traditional values.
  • The meeting was organized in collaboration with other clusters and has had the presence of 80 companies in the sectors of Beauty, Habitat, Fashion, Packaging, Sports, Kid’s, Gourmet and Foodservice.
  • Currently, there are 28 clusters in Catalonia, representing more than 1.300 companies and working actively for business collaborations to be not only sectorial but also transversal.

The attendance of 80 companies of Beauty, Habitat, Fashion, Packaging, Sports, Kids, Gourmet and Foodservice has made the session of Macro Trends a big success. It took place in Acció (Paseo de Gracia 129).

The presentations have been done by Ursula Uria, head of Nelly Rodi Spain, Luc-Dominique Demettre, International Manager at Nelly Rodi and Alexandra Jubé, manager of Insight & Digital. The conferences have focused on the major macro trends and how they affect to different sectors.

According to the specialists of Nelly Rodi, time and trends are changing rapidly and many consumers have lost their way. It is for this reason that they find it reassuring to go back to ultra-traditional points of reference: the family, social life, respect for one’s elders and “real values” such as the work ehtic. But, in the words of Alexandra Jubé: “Tradition doesn’t have to be boring”.

In addition to the conferences, the attendees could ask to the experts about specific aspects of trends for their sectors.