Hair Care International Congress Held in Barcelona

  • Beauty Cluster Barcelona organised the first scientific-based congress of hair cosmetics in Spain.
  • The Hair Care International Congress (HCIC) has gathered international speakers and more than 150 professionals from the hair cosmetics industry in Barcelona.
  • The success of the event positions the congress as an international benchmark for future editions.
Barcelona, 26th September 2019. Beauty Cluster Barcelona has organized the Hair Care International Congress (HCIC) in the city of Barcelona, with the attendance of 150 professionals from different nationalities in the hair cosmetics sector.

Image: Dr. Patricia Gisbert inaugurates HCIC 2019
The congress, supported by the companies Inquiaroma, Lipotrue and Quimibios, was held at the Barcelona School of Management and included keynote presentations, a space for scientific posters and the presentation of novelties by the sponsoring companies.

Image: Networking time at the HCIC 2019 exhibition area
The event had a wide portfolio of national and international experts, including Professor Desmond Tobin from the UK and Professor Trefor Evans from the United States.

Prof. Tobin’s intervention focused on the investigation of genes responsible for pigmentation in both skin and hair and how this pigmentation has evolved in humans over the years. He has also highlighted recent studies carried out by his research team concerning the redistribution of melanin at a cecular level, during the process of differentiation of keranocytes.

On the other hand, Prof. Evans illustrated to the audience how Hooke’s law and physics can be applied to study the internal structure of the hair, through mechanical properties of tension. This application makes possible to evaluate the internal damage of the hair from a physical point of view.

Fields as different as physics, chemistry, spectroscopy, genetics or molecular biology, were discussed by a large number of presentations, all focused on the study and health improvement of hair. Among different topics, these presentations focused on microbiota, stress, the role of hair lipids over time, the benefits of human protein production in plants, applications of new biosurfactants, emollients, peptides or controlled release systems, the ethnic characteristics of hair, the use of new techniques for analysis such as polarized light or from synchrotron facilities, coloring and bleaching or markets and trends.

Image: Professor Desmond Tobin addressing to the audience
For Beauty Cluster Barcelona, the celebration of this congress responds to the need of creating high quality events as meeting point for the world of research and innovation in hair care cosmetics. The idea to create this congress arose after an intense work in collaboration with various partners (CTC, EG Active Cosmetics, cosmeticsinMind and Symrise) in the seek of scientific knowledge in the field of exposome and its application in hair cosmetics (Hair Exposome).