March 8, 2018. Zurko Research and Beauty Cluster Barcelona have organized the 3rd edition of the Technical Conference of Innovation in Cosmetics within the framework of the CosméticaForum congress.

In the course of it took place different papers whose content was of high interest to attendees. In the first place, Sofía Chalmers from Mintel, presented the latest international innovations of products, formats, textures, claims and trends in the field of natural cosmetics and food supplements in beauty.

Secondly, Pilar de Castro from Zurko Research, spoke about skin care from the point of view of the Microbiome and, Eni Gómez, from the Centro de Tecnología Capilar, exposed the concept of Exposoma as a new angle to address the development of cosmetic products capillaries

Next, Blanca Motos from AD Particles presented state-of-the-art solar filters (mineral filters) and Ana Gonzálvez from RNB Cosméticos, announced new developments in the field of cosmetic texture development. Finally, Cristina Jodar of AINIA presented trends in natural cosmetics from the perspective of the consumer.

During the day, which was attended by more than 200 professionals, there was also a round table organized by the Sociedad Española de Químicos Cosméticos that dealt with personalized cosmetics.