The Advisory Board of the Beauty Cluster Barcelona is a consultative body that advises the Board of Directors and is a fundamental piece to provide knowledge and expert opinion to the entity. This body is composed of professionals with a long history, reputable experience and extensive knowledge in the beauty sector.

The objectives of the Advisory Council are:

  • Contribute ideas, initiatives and project opportunities to make the sector more competitive, encourage innovation or meet the strategic needs of the sector in the medium / long term.
  • Help the BCB Board, working groups and team in the evaluation and decision making regarding activities, projects, studies, innovation ideas, opinion articles and other related actions.
  • Participate, in the representation of the BCB, in roundtables, conferences, congresses and other activities in which to share their knowledge.
  • Contribute with your knowledge to establish a Roadmap of the Beauty sector 10-15 years ago that serves as a vision for the companies that make up the cluster.


Barcelona, 1943. Chemical Engineer IQS. 1966 Promotion. He was Project Manager of the Research and Development Laboratory (R + D + i) of Antonio Puig and ISDIN. Development Manager Prestige Puig Beauty Brands. 1967-2012. President of the SEQC. 1982-1986. President of the CTT nº 84 of the AENOR. Standardization of Cosmetic Products. UNE-CEN-ISO standards. Chairman of the Cosmetology Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. 1991-1994. Professor and Lecturer in Cosmetic and Dermatology courses and in Post-graduate Masters. He has participated as a speaker in National and International Congresses. He has published in specialized journals in the fields of Cosmetics and Dermatology both National and International.

La Coruña, 1945. Bachelor of Chemical Sciences from the University of Barcelona. Specialized in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Enzymology. Former Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry-Physics of the UB. Professor at conferences at Juan de la Cierva and former collaborator at CSIC. Editor and speaker at the first National Days of Quality in the Cosmetic Industry. Creator of the first scientific committee in the SEQC and member of its Board of Directors in two different stages. He was Director of Research-Technical Management and Factory Management at Laboratorios Eugene Gallia of the Lóreal-Nestle group for 20 years, General Director of Cosmetec Internacional, General Director of Biopharma S.A. and president of Gallegos businessmen in Catalonia and Andorra. – Currently advises companies and is technical director and Factory in Oriol Industries.

Arenys de Mar, 1945. He worked in the Puig company since 1960, where he began his training as a perfumer in 1968 and for 45 years he dedicated himself to the creation of the fragrances of the company’s national and international brands. In 2010 Puig company named him “Maitre Parfumeur”. In 2017, he completed his career with the international launch of his own brand with a collection of perfumes with his name.

Barcelona, 1951. Pharmaceutical and member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy. Cosmetic member of the governing board of the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (14 years). Member of the scientific committee of the national Dermopharmacy volley of the General Council of Pharmacists. AEFI Cosmetic Vocal Catalan section. Founder and director of the Technical-Pharmaceutical Cabinet MCamps and partner of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Barcelona, 1952. Bachelor in Chemistry from the UAB has been a teacher in different international courses in the commercial area. He held management positions in Industrial Química LASEM (IQL) and UNIQEMA (former UNICHEMA of the UNILEVER group). For more than a decade he directed the commercial and marketing department of Provital S.A. (cosmetic assets of botanical origin).

  • Gabriel Buendía Bordera

Barcelona, 1982. Bachelor in Biology and Biochemistry and master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Applications of Light and Laser to Medicine. Scientific Director of the Institute of Photomedicine at Teknon Medical Center, where he also serves as Academic Director of an Online Master of Laser for Dermatologists. Secretary of the Board of Directors of the SECPhO Photonics cluster. Extensive experience in the fields of dermatological and aesthetic treatments, laser surgery, experimental design, efficacy studies and clinical trials of cosmetic products and devices.