Barcelona, June 20, 2019. The company Genocosmetics Lab and the Center for Omic Sciences (COS), a mixed unit owned by the Rovira i Virgili University managed by the Eurecat technology center, will study the facial microbiota, through the technique of massive sequencing, in order to provide more information for the creation of personalized cosmetics that does not take into account only the genetic endowment of the individual, but also the state of the skin through the evaluation of the cutaneous flora, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the cosmetic product.

Specifically, Genocosmetics Lab and Eurecat are developing the first commercial tests that seek the relationship between the genetic basis of each individual, obtained through genotyping panels, with different modulatable characteristics, for example the facial microbiota or the metabolic profile, for the creation of personalized products in the field of nutrition and cosmetics, with the aim of providing consumers and professionals with mechanisms to measure their effectiveness, within the framework of the YB-METAGENCODE project.

The project YB-METAGENCODE, of the English Your Beauty Metabolomics and Genomic Code, “will offer to the consumer a reduction in the waiting time, an increase of the personalización and a mechanism of pursuit and efficiency that will provide a greater satisfaction to him in relation to the product “, According to the director of the Unit of Ómicas Sciences of Eurecat, Núria Canela.