GH is a cosmetic brand created and developed in 2017 based on the experience in Dermopharmacy acquired by its founder Gema Herrerías. Gh are the initials of his name. The pharmacist plays a fundamental role in the preparation of master formulas, so it can be said that it is a natural evolution of our profession. His desire to give value to the pharmaceutical council, looking for effective products to meet the needs that he detected every day in his Pharmacy, is what led him to create this line of products.

Located in Seville, today it has an R&D&I department (Research & Development & Innovation), made up of a team of highly experienced experts, who are up-to-date with the latest news and the best cosmetic ingredients. GH has two clear premises that are efficiency and transparency, without losing the essence of the Pharmacy: proximity. At GH we support honest claims, claims backed by efficacy studies and we are also transparent by providing detailed information on our formulas and the concentrations of ingredients used.

As a Sevillian brand we faithfully defend the national product, and even more so if it is local. It is an added value that generates greater trust and commitment, with local human support, and encourages the enrichment of the area, as well as generates jobs.

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