Prof. Dr. Laurent Misery confirmed to participate in the seventh edition of Beauty Innovation Days

Barcelona, 14 December 2021. Beauty Innovation Days, a congress aimed at training, innovation and networking of professionals in the cosmetics and personal care sector, will feature a masterclass by Prof. Dr. Laurent Misery, dermatologist and pioneer in the field of neurocosmetics and sensitive skin.

Prof. Dr. Laurent Misery, is professor of dermatology at the University of Western Brittany, head of the dermatology department at the University Hospital of Brest, director of the Laboratory of Neurosciences in Brest and president of the French Society of Dermatological Research. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the skin and the nervous system, from the biological (co-cultures between skin cells and neurons) to the clinical (pruritus, sensitive skin) or psychological point of view. He is founder and director of the Laboratory of Neurons-Keratinocytes Interactions (LINK) at the University of Brest and his team conducts translational research on itch, from fundamental (biological and physiological) to physiopathological, clinical, psychological and therapeutic aspects.

One of Prof. Misery’s best-known publications is “Neuronal skin or nerves at the surface of the skin“, in which he demonstrated the direct connection between the psyche and the skin, due to their common origin. Involved in neuroimmunodermatology research, Laurent Misery is a reference in the investigation of the biological mechanisms between the cells of the nervous system and the skin.

This edition of Beauty Innovation Days will be held from 21 to 25 February 2022, in hybrid format. The 23rd and 24th February will be face-to-face in Barcelona (without live broadcast) and the rest will be in online format. There will be a digital platform enabled to watch the online trainings and, in addition, to interconnect with attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

This masterclass joins a very comprehensive programme, which will feature experts from across the value chain.