GDC Beauty Group operates in the cosmetics sector in 80 countries with a portfolio of high value-added brands and a long-term sustainable strategy. They are specialists in meeting the needs of the skin through different channels, always with innovation as a differential axis. They have their own laboratory and manufacturing. The origin of the group is in the creation in 1964 of the Germaine de Capuccini brand.

The brands Germaine de Capuccini, Ainhoa ​​Cosmetics, Biomimetic Dermocosmetics, among others, make up the GdC Beauty Group portfolio. Germaine de Capuccini operates in the professional channel offering retail and professional treatments in Aesthetic Centers, Spas and specialized Clinics. Ainhoa ​​Cosmetics, offers online sales treatments and some beauty centers. Lastly, Biomimetic Dermocosmetics offers innovative treatments in the pharmacy channel with a highly technological product thanks to the exclusive use of a patent for a revolutionary active ingredient.