TWO POLES is presented as the cosmetics of the future, effective and easy to understand, which wants to promote a new paradigm in the sector: empowered, respectful and transparent cosmetics.
To do this, the company works by selecting the most effective and respectful ingredients for the skin, combining natural ones with synthetic ingredients provided by scientific evidence. This is how Two Poles was born. The union of two poles that are not opposite: nature and science, efficiency and honesty. Being sustainable and respectful with all skin types.

Two Poles is an honest brand that concentrates and combines the best of nature with the effectiveness of science. Ensuring a rigorous study of each ingredient and adding the indicated percentage of each one to achieve its effectiveness. Most of the brand’s formulas contain more than 95% natural ingredients and are allergen-free. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. One of the company’s maxims is to empower the consumer by telling them exactly what each ingredient is for so that they can buy only what they really need.