In 2018, this project began after searching for beauty products that are effective for the different problems that our skin suffers as we age while our skin care routine becomes a pleasant ritual. We aspire to develop a range of eco-friendly cosmetic products that represent feisty women, hence our hallmark is a panther.

WILD RAIN COSMETICS is a new effective cosmetics brand, which goes beyond caring for our skin by generating new experiences and creating unique moments. Lovers of sensations and fans of achieving radiant results on our skin while enjoying that unique moment of the day, Wild Rain emerges, aimed at free women who seek another perception of their care.

Our products, made with innovative and effective ingredients, achieve visible results, while immersing us in a unique moment every day.

Unconditional love and the tireless search for the best active ingredients has led to the creation of Wild Rain Cosmetics, born in the Mediterranean Sea.