Dilograf SLU belongs to the Ferlicom Graphic Communication group, comprised of three lines of business: Dilograf Labels, Vanguard Graphic, and Uay events. The group has a turnover of 13 million euros.

Its goal is to provide comprehensive communication services of the highest quality.

The Dilograf Labels division specializes in the manufacture of adhesive labels, with a focus on the cosmetic and consumer goods sectors.

They prioritize sustainability throughout their production process and offer a range of sustainable products. They have a company Carbon Footprint for each of their projects and are recognized as a Sustainable Supplier by the United Nations.

With a production plant located in Cornellá (Barcelona), they utilize the latest technology in digital and flexographic printing.

It offers innovative and sustainable solutions with various finishes such as adhesive labels with screen printing and stamping, as well as glossy or matte varnish.

Product adhesive labels, advising on each project with material proposals, cost optimization analysis, and efficiency in print runs.

Within the sustainable project, and after analyzing the client’s packaging, it offers compostable adhesive labels or labels made from recycled materials.

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