We help brands to connect with people. 

espluga + associates is a brand, design & communications agency based in Barcelona. Since 1992, we have been working hand in hand with brands, helping them to connect meaningfully with people in a multi-channel world.

We work where brands express themselves. 

Strategy, naming, storytelling, packaging, identity, communication, retail, digital presence… brands have many ways to express themselves today. We support businesses to achieve their goals with their voice, their vision, and their values… and then we add a little magic.

We like simple, direct, nice and good things.

Life can be easy or complicated. Direct or full of intermediaries. We believe that work, life, and relationships should be simple, honest, straightforward, and nice. There’s no dividing line between life and work when we do what we love. And we LOVE what we do.

From Barcelona to the world. 

When we started in 1992, our first projects came from friends and bold companies that gave us our first opportunities. We gave it our all and took each project to the limit. Now, more than thirty years later, espluga+associates is working for all kinds of companies around the world (United States, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, The UK, France, Argentina, Switzerland, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and, of course, Spain…

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