Olistic is an innovative, technological and scientific company, specialized in hair health. Our mission is to provide our customers with proven formulas to treat hair loss and provide wellness from a holistic point of view. Our multifactorial approach addresses the main causes that affect hair health using 100% natural, pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts, providing a complete treatment for all phases of the hair cycle. Our philosophy of nourishing and strengthening the hair from the inside, makes our clients gain self-confidence while improving their physical appearance. Our goal is for our clients to have attractive and healthy hair.

Olistic has developed the first multifactorial formula that provides a powerful response through 6 solutions to the main causes of weakening and hair loss. Olistic contains 100% natural ingredients, is vegan and comes in a drinkable format. There is currently a women’s version and a men’s version on the market: Olistic for women, Olistic for men. They are differentiated products taking into account the different genetic predisposition and hormonal changes of women and men. Each box contains 28 vials for a monthly treatment and a minimum treatment of 3 months is recommended.