Vytrus Biotech, the company specializing in active ingredients derived from plant stem cells for the cosmetic industry, launches QUORA NONI™ biomics, a new active ingredient that rejuvenates the microbiota to achieve younger looking skin.

At the Cosmetorium 2022 fair in Barcelona, Vytrus has presented a new concept for the first time in cosmetics: reversing the aging of the microbiota to improve the signs of skin aging through a 100% natural active ingredient based on plant biotechnology. Within the framework of the fair on September 28, the company was awarded first place in the Cosmetorium 2022 Awards (Sustainable and natural formula) with its Purple rain formula, an innovative mask to rejuvenate the microbiota that includes this new ingredient.

Vytrus has studied the role of the microbiota in skin aging and how our microbial population changes and ages over time, negatively affecting the appearance of our skin. Bacteria on the skin communicate through a system called Quorum Sensing that generates coordinated behaviors that can make our bacteria virulent. When this happens, a microbial imbalance occurs that leads to the generation of molecules that can damage our skin, the so-called Senile Biome Markers (pro-aging markers).

QUORA NONI™ biomics deploys a plant-based strategy to modulate these bacterial behaviors on the skin, rebalancing the microbiota and promoting Biome Markers of Youth. This mechanism (Quorum Quenching) rejuvenates the skin by rejuvenating the skin microbiota and provides beneficial properties for both mature and young skin (clinically tested):

  • Rebalanced and younger microbiota
  • Improvement of wrinkles in mature skin
  • Reduction of pores and redness of the skin
  • Stimulation of the immune system of the skin (enhancement of β-defensin)
  • Firming and perfecting effect on the skin

This active ingredient transfers to our skin the properties of a plant with very beneficial properties (Morinda citrifolia, also called Noni), reducing the signs of skin aging caused by the aging of the skin microbiota: a new approach to skin care based on in the power of nature and a sustainable raw material from biotechnology.