Since 1949, we have been creating innovative solutions that inspire people’s memorable emotions and welfare to animals at any time of the day, every day.

Our team of specialists combines expertise, science and passion for designing high-end and holistic creations for Food & Taste, Fragrances and Animal Feed with a superior customer experience.                                                                                                      

We contribute to the pleasure of eating, devising novel and sustainable flavors, unique and unforgettable taste experiences.

Our solutions make a positive difference for people, nature, and animals.

From palatability to animal welfare, we apply the latest technology to improve health, productivity, and farm animals’ well-being through sustainable value creation.

We transport consumers to a world of sense and sensations through fragrances that emerge in nature and perfumes that transmit cleanliness, care and wellness. 

Innovation is at the core of our DNA.  

We develop innovative flavor and fragrances compositions and the latest encapsulation and granulation systems, providing our clients with tailored-made solutions.  

We also create new feed additives and apply the latest in sensory research to improve the lifetime performance of farm animals at every stage of the lifecycle.

Because sustainability is a key corporate value, we take action on climate change, reducing our carbon footprint at a group level, and designing an exclusive range of solutions that helps our customers reach their sustainability goals. 

By embracing digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure being a step ahead, adopting new ways of doing things to continue delivering differentiation, and being a trusted partner for our customers. 

This is what brought us where we are today: A passionate, creative,and engaged human team of over a thousand associates that have helped Lucta to expand around the globe, from Spain to Mexico, Brazil to Poland, across the USA, Colombia, Thailand and China. 

This is Lucta; A journey that began in 1949, always going further to inspire the generations of tomorrow. 


State-of-the-art and innovative flavoring compositions.  Our teams of specialists combine science and passion to design flavors best adapted to the market. In close collaboration with our customers, we provide the best flavoring solutions for each project.


Passionate about fragrances, we are a team focused on offering our customers creative and innovative fragrances which inspire consumers, providing a unique sensory experience. Committed to consumers and the environment, we specialize in creating fragrances for home and personal care products. At Lucta, we have a fragrance for every need.

Feed Additives

Our Feed Additives Division is committed to working towards sustainable solutions for palatability, efficiency and animal welfare, as well as the preservation of feed, ingredients and premixes.