BCB pospones to Septembre its General Convention

Barcelona, April 14, 2020. The Board of Beauty Cluster, an entity that groups about 200 companies in the beauty sector value chain, has decided to postpone the Ordinary General Convetion 2020 until September 17th. The Convention was to be held face-to-face next June 4th in Barcelona.

Since the current situation arising from the Coronavirus began, BCB Board has led the change in cluster activity by promoting events and online activities (more than 20 in the first month of the Alarm State) as well as a whole support program for the sector on knowledge and interconnection through the Beauty Cluster Marketplace.

The current situation would greatly hinder the attendance of members next June and the maximum representativeness of the agreed decisions. From BCB it is expected that the official cluster activities are safe for its members and have, in addition to professional content, a series of interconnection dynamics between members that could not be carried out in current or short-term circumstances.

That is the reason why BCB has moved its Ordinary General Convention, which will be held with the V edition of Beauty Cluster Summer Cocktail and some networking activities if the circumstances allow it.