Place: Hybrid (On-site at IESE)

Date: December 1 – 10:00 a.m. to 12:10 a.m.


  • Do you want to know the most surprising Catalan business cases of business model change, reorientation and adaptation to new markets?
  • Do you want to know how to carry out a major strategic reorientation? And how have professionals like you experienced the management of these changes?

The ninth edition of the annual session for the public presentation of the cases of strategic change that ACCIÓ has carried out with the collaboration of the IESE Business School is here.

On this conference, which will have a hybrid format and can be followed virtually or in person (at IESE, to attend in person, you must comply with the IESE visitor protocol), three cases of organizations from different sectors that have known how to transform themselves will be presented. being competitive in a global framework as changing as the current one:

  • Curtidos Badia, adapting to the new conditions of sustainability in the luxury sector
  • Kave Home, organizing the Go to Market strategy in a B2B company
  • Voxel, twenty years developing technological solutions for companies in the tourism sector

The objective of these cases is to establish knowledge about winning business models in the different clusters and to position the Catalan model of clusters, and the companies that make it up, in the training circuit of top international business schools. In the same way, they are an excellent work tool, since they allow to acquire a generalized knowledge of the challenges and, above all, of the opportunities that companies face. They will also facilitate the development of skills to deal with them in a systematic way.


10:00 h | Welcome
  • Sr. Joan Romero, executive director of ACCIÓ
10.05 h | Competitive challenges for companies in 2022
  • Sr. José Luís Nueno, profesor of IESE Business School

10.35 h | Clusters in Catalonia: Business cases of strategic change

  • Curtidos Badia | SR. Xavier Badia, CEO | Skin Cluster Members
  • Kave Home | SR. Francesc Julià Ametller, Managing Director | CENFIM Cluster Members
  • Voxel | SR. Ángel Garrido, CEO | Digital Cluster Members
11.35 h | Debate
  • Mr. José Luis Nueno, profesor of IESE Business School
  • Mr. Xavier Badia, CEO of Curtidos Badia
  • Mr. Francesc Julià Ametller, Managing Director of Kave Home
  • Mr. Ángel Garrido, CEO de Voxel
  • Modera: SR. Roger Ylla, head of strategic changeACCIÓ
12.05 h | Clousure
  • M. Hble. Mr. Roger Torrent i Ramió, Counselor of Business and Labor
12.10 h | Ending