First International Meeting of Perfume Professions and Ceremony of the New Luxury Awards 2021

Date: July 01, 2022

Time: 08:00 a.m. – 08:30 p.m.

Location: Paris – Hôtel de l’Industrie – Saint Germain des Prés – 75006

100 experts will meet in Paris! Perfumers, Designers, Brands, Distributors, Producers of raw materials, Packaging Manufacturers, Retail, Trainers, Teachers, Most influential Advertisers come together to discuss and define the future of perfumery and the preservation of its heritage, in response to the challenges of the changing world. With the participation of the best international experts, it will be a day reserved for professionals and the press in a business space in the center of Paris.

Do not miss conferences, debates, workshops, networking, gala dinner, exhibitions, awards ceremony and secret visits to Paris.



  • All day exhibitions: Salle Chaptal
    • New Packaging
    • New Raw Materials
    • New Perfumers
    • New Brands
    • Murano Glass Exhibition
    • New Luxury Awards Finalists
  • Conferences and debates: Salle Louis Lumière et Montgolfier
    • 8.00h – Opening and Welcome Coffee
    • 9.00h – Welcome Speech and Homages
    • 9.30h – What is the Impact of Perfumes and Packaging on the Environment. Which Solutions can we Propose?
    • 10.15h – Are Supply Disruptions Affecting the Industry? If yes, are we ready for re-localization?
    • 11.00h – Can Natural and Synthetic Co-Exist? What is The Perfumer’s Place Today Does the EU Cosmetic Directive and Reach restrict the Use of Essential Oils in Europe (ex:SOSLavender) ?
    • 12.00h – Selective Distribution, Perfume Web – Marketing and BigData
    • 13.00h – NetworkingLunch


  • Conferences and workshops: Salle des Trois Consuls
    • New Producer Countries and Impact Investment
    • 3.00 pm – Plants and Flowers: Algeria
    • 3.40 pm-Oud,An important Heritage to Protect: Cambodia
  • Workshops 
    • 16.15h – For Designers only – Creation of a Budget
    • 17.00h – New Extraction Methods and New Scents for Perfumer Organ
    • 17.30h – International press conference and New Luxury Awards 2021 Ceremony
  • Cocktail – 19.00h
  • Gala Dinner – 20.30h