PMFarma invites the members of the Beauty Cluster to participate in this webinar with Elogia and its division specialized in Pharma Marketing.

Date: July 07, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Place: online

According to data from Stanpa, the dermopharmacy channel has gone from having 30,000 references in 2008 to the 70,000 it currently has. With this data alone we can already see that we are facing a category in clear growth, which, in addition, with the outbreak of the pandemic, was able to increase its penetration by more than 5 percentage points, highlighting above all the consumption of facial cosmetics, skin care body, hair and grooming.

To these figures must be added the circumstance that their consumer (patient) is increasingly concerned about their skin and health and takes co-responsibility in the process of choosing products, actively seeking information, participating in forums and social networks and establishing digital relationships, both with other users and with professionals in the sector.

With all this context, from Elogia Pharma they ask themselves: if we are clear about where and how the consumer (patient) carries out this research, could we influence, in part, their decision-making?

In order to answer this question, they have carried out this II Study of the patient journey for dermocosmetic products, the results of which can help those responsible for marketing vertical brands to better understand the consumer experience map of dermocosmetic products and be able to thus, better plan their campaigns.

What will you discover in this session?

  • The new patient journey for the Dermocosmetics category
  • What motivates the purchase of products in the Dermocosmetics category?
  • What needs do consumers seek to cover in the digital channel?
  • Where do they look for information?
  • How do they decide which product to buy?
  • What drivers influence brand choice?
  • Which channel has the greatest weight in the final purchase?
  • How do the ON and OFF channels interact throughout this process?

What relevant insights will be obtained?

  • Market data on the purchase process of products in the category.
  • How COVID has affected this category
  • Understand which are the digital channels where manufacturers of Dermocosmetic pharmaceutical products should be in order to influence the purchase process.
  • Specify the channels of communication that a brand of pharmaceutical products in this category must establish with consumers.