In this workshop you will be able to learn about how to manage and adapt to the changes that may arise in the company itself and in its environment, being fundamental nowadays in the management of companies.

Date: March 12th of 2021 – from 11:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.


Members of the management committee, especially General Management, Business Development, Strategic Management.


It has always been essential to know how to adapt to the situations that occur in the company itself and in its environment in order to be competitive and even to survive. Now more than ever it is necessary to stop for a second and analyze where we are and where we are going. Are we ready to face the difficult mission of getting through the storm? Are we clear on the course? What about the crew? What about the ship? …

This classic aspect, change management, fundamental in business management, is the most important today. It is necessary to know and review the key aspects to be successful in this type of process, many times imposed by the environment.


Jesús Rico

Doctor in Business Administration and Management, specialty Strategy.

He currently holds the position of Deputy Director General at Lunet Facility Services, a member of the Beauty Cluster and collaborates with various universities. He has 25 years of experience as a manager in different sectors – especially Services – both in public and private companies, part of them internationally. (Ferrovial Services, Amey PLC (UK), Dominion Global, Sant Cugat City Council, MAAS Group,…).

Specialist in Change Management, Development and Organizational Change. Strategy and General Management.

Industrial Engineer from UPC (etseiat); MBA (euncet – University of Wales); AMP (IESE Business School); PDD (IESE B.S.). Collaborating professor in the international MBA EAE, UPC (Business Administration) and in UAB-EUSS (Change Management and Human Team) and previously in EU Business School (Global Business), UIC (Economics), Staffordshire University (Glbal Business), Abad Oliba-CEU.