Date: 5th October from 15:00h to 18:00h

Language: Spanish

Format: In person

Place: Beauty Hub (C/ Milà I Fontanals 14, 2º,9ª – 08012, Barcelona). If you are not able to attend in person and you are interested in participating, please contact


Beauty Cluster members interested in applying Blockchain technology in their companies.


The success of transparency – can we strengthen consumer trust with Blockchain?

Transparency and sustainability are the new focus of consumers. Companies such as Estée Lauder in the United States or PurEarth in China are well aware of this and are already using Blockchain technology for this purpose.

According to the trend firm WGSN, “Transparent and highly engaged beauty brands that work to contribute to the good of people and the planet will be the only type of business that will be successful in 2023”. Euromonitor, in its global Top ten Consumer trends 2021 report, found that 73% of industry professionals “see sustainability initiatives as critical to success” and 69% “expect consumers to be more concerned about sustainability than they were before COVID-19”.

For the first time in the beauty sector in Spain, we are facing the opportunity to implement Blockchain technology in our sector and in your company as a partner of the Beauty Cluster.

Sign up for the working group, together with Alastria and Inlea, we will work in several sessions so that you can learn about Blockchain technology, simulate how it would be applied in traceability processes and/or apply it in your company.

To participate, it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of Blockchain.


Xavier Simó – President of Inlea
Montse Guardia – General Manager of Alastria

Structure of the 1st session (5th October):

15:00 – 15:45 Opening

Presentation of the day’s agenda and objectives
Dynamisation with an exercise

15:45 – 16:30 Introduction to the Blockchain: General concepts.

Participation exercises. In this phase, we will work on the transfer of the identity of a product and its attributes from the physical world to the digital world in a practical team exercise session.

16:30 – 16:35 Break

16:35 – 17:55 Exercises on the adoption of Blockchain terminology. Determination of a real case of application in traceability.

17:55 – 18:00 Conclusions and Closure