Learn how to optimize the use of this platform as an effective tool to increase your sales and achieve commercial success in the beauty sector. Put into practice what you learn as we progress through the agenda, focusing on topics such as types of audiences, budgeting, creatives or how to optimize campaigns.

Key facts:

  • Training type: E-learning
  • Platform: Course available on the new platform of the e-Beauty Business School
  • Teaching hours: 7 hours
  • Start (open access to materials): January 15, 2024
  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: €280 / Free for members (interested people must request the discount code)
  • Accreditation: Accrediting diploma


  • Master Content Strategies: Create high-quality, engaging content by understanding trends, challenges, and compelling narratives.
  • Optimize Feature Use: Make the most of TikTok’s specific features and learn how to create an emotional connection with viewers.
  • Apply Creative Sales Techniques: Adapt traditional sales techniques to a creative and engaging format on TikTok, using compelling narratives and calls to action. Get tips to optimize creatives and play with visual language.
  • Create valuable content: Learn the levers that will help maximize the results of organic content, using the different campaign objectives and exploring the segmentation possibilities
  • Measure and Analyze Performance: Utilize key metrics and use this data to adjust your approach and strategy, as well as learn to be efficient with budget settings
  • Update your knowledge: Know the trends, and learn from real cases of brands and influencers with a successful strategy on this social network.

Index of contents:

  • TikTok as part of the global social media strategy
  • Organic approach – TikTok in 2023
  • Influencers marketing with paid media
  • Paid Approach: Advertising on TikTok
  • Creativity and artistic direction for content creation

To who is it addressed to:

  • Marketing and Communication Department Professionals
  • Content Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Community Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Developer
  • Copywriters

What do you need to know?

Being an advanced training, it is assumed that the person who will take the course knows the basic functioning of the platform and the dynamics of this social network. It is recommended to have carried out a prior exercise of analyzing the performance of the TikTok account, including the KPIs (or at least that they have been defined), and the role of TikTok in the company’s marketing plan, both at the content and budget.

Teaching team

  • Ambra Orini (The Beauty Makers)
  • Cyberclick
  • Lena de Pons (pharmacist and influencer)
  • Young Soul Studios (sole partner of Bytedance (TikTok Asia) and generator of all its content in Spain and LATAM)