During the journey will be officially present the II Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW 2021) which will simultaneously different sensory activities, of knowledge, experiential and outreach activities in the universe of perfume, olfactory science, the culture of beauty and the fragrance industry.

The initiative is the result of the joint work of the Beauty Cluster Barcelona with Ainea Perfums and the City Council of Teià. For several years they have promoted activities such as the Olfaction Congress (Barcelona Olfaction Congress, 2021 will be the third edition), International Perfumery Competition (Mouillette d’Argent, 2021 will be the fourth edition) or the Maridatge dels Sentits (will be the fourth edition) that they integrate cultural, gastronomic and sensory activities.

Barcelona Olfaction Week will bring together these activities and others that will be carried out in collaboration with the main companies, experts and academics in the sector to, annually, give a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge to the world of smell through perfume, olfactory science and the culture.

The BOW will also include other activities such as a competition for students who will design the best packaging for the winning perfumes of the Mouillette d’Argent competition. There will be an institutional dinner, a meeting point for personalities, a perfume showroom, seminars on various topics, the presentation of 2022 training programs in the olfactory field, among others.


10:00a.m. – Institutional welcome

10:05a.m. – Presentation of Barcelona Olfaction Week

  • The perfume market in Spain: data and perspective – Ivan Borrego, Beauty Cluster
  • Presentation of BOW 2020 overview – Ivan Borrego, Beauty Cluster
  • Presentation of the International Perfumery Contest – Irene Gisbert, Ainea Perfums
  • Presentation of the International Olfactory Congress – Patricia Gisbert, Beauty Cluster
  • Presentation of other activities – Irene Gisbert, Ainea Perfums
  • Presentation of the collaboration program for sponsors – Ivan Borrego, Beauty Cluster

11:05a.m. – Questions and exchange of impressions

11:30a.m. – Farewell and closing

Free activity.