Both on a personal and professional level, the key is to understand human behavior. Aspects such as personality, motivations and values are more complex, but identifying the behavior of the people we interact with can make a difference. With this course we want to discover a methodology called MapsTell®️ (based on DISC), intuitive and very graphic, which will help you understand your own and other people’s behavior, which is what really becomes visible and tangible.

*A training that you can complete with an in-person workshop in which you can see the practical application of what you have learned.

Key data:

  • Training type: E-learning
  • Platform: Course on the new platform of the e-Beauty Business School
  • Teaching hours: 2 hours
  • Start (open access to materials): January 24, 2024
  • Basic level
  • Price: €60 / 20% member discount
  • Accreditation: Accrediting diploma


  • We are going to delve into behavioral analysis using the MapsTell tool, which works with associative mapping and in a totally innovative way uses the map to facilitate the understanding of behaviors and behavioral preferences. And it does this using the DISC model as the underlying theory.
  • In this first online workshop, we are going to work on the “ME – Awareness”. The goal is to recognize your own behavior. Be (more) aware of your own style and what your preferences mean to you.

Table of Contents:

  • The beginning of the journey: The World of Difference and Understanding
  • The dimensions of behavior
  • The study of areas and styles of behavior
  • Your Personal Map

Who is it addressed to:

  • Open to anyone who wants to delve deeper into their own behavior. Understand why you have specific reactions in certain situations, why your relationship with certain people is always complex, and positively, how you can cultivate more positive professional relationships and create collaborative bonds.
  • Professionals with responsibility for groups, area or department heads, professionals from People, development or training departments.

Teaching team

  • Melissa Torres – Training manager at the Beauty Cluster with extensive previous experience in the management and development of People and teams. Integrative Health Coach and Mapstell Guide.