In this hour-long virtual presentation, in the framework of the Barcelona Olfaction Week, Lucas Sieuzac will be exploring the role of spices in perfumery through the years and how they influence the palette of perfumers. From explosive freshness to soft, incandescent warmth, you will learn more about the nuances between different spices. Spices are truly a treasure trove in perfumery, and in this presentation, your eyes will be opened to the opportunities that they present for your next creation.

Lucas Sieuzac is a leading perfumer from Eurofragance, one of the premier global fragrance houses based in Barcelona.

Registered participants will have the chance to receive samples for the olfactory workshop sent to their homes. This opportunity is available for 25 registered participants. Participants who are chosen to receive these samples will receive an email confirmation once their registration has been validated by the organization.