Beauty Cluster Barcelona have started a collaboration with the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP), the catalan water cluster in the context of inter cluster actions which promote the Catalonia Clusters Program.

Within the framework of this collaboration, the CWP will make a diagonosis of water efficiency to the companies which are members of the BCB with the aim of identifying strategies to optimize existing processes of your company where water is consumed in order to reduce energy and water consumption, improve water quality and identify potential R&D projects associated with the processes where water is involved.

As a first stage of diagnosis, CWP has provided a form to the BCB to analyse the current situation towards water efficiency. All members of the BCB interested in this joint project, especially those who have industrial facilities, must complete this form before 30 September 2015.


From the responses obtained, it will be scheduled visits to the facilities of companies which are members of BCB to explain the results of the diagnosis and to specify some of the points identified. These visits will take place on September 2015.