Barcelona, ​​February 12, 2019. Beauty Cluster Barcelona and Beauty Prof / Selectivo magazine have organized the IV Round Table on Natural Cosmetics. This meeting aimed to talk about the trends and challenges for the natural cosmetics sector in Spain.

The round table began with the analysis of the evolution of this sector of cosmetics and its current situation. Likewise, the keys for the future development of this field have been discussed, speaking about the consumer typologies, pedagogy, transparency and honesty of the brands. In addition to distribution strategies to boost consumption and accessibility to all users.

In another section of the session, attendees discussed the ISO 162128 standard “Guide of technical definitions for natural and organic ingredients and products”, and how this regulation affects the future of natural cosmetics.

Finally, the meeting has served to raise the challenges facing the sector to attract consumers, also to reduce the costs of production and distribution and possible growth strategies for the entire sector.