Mintel presents 2021 beauty trends

Barcelona, November 25, 2020. The Beauty Cluster, in collaboration with Mintel, has organized an online session in which the great beauty trends for 2021, consumption accelerators and some examples of innovation that will capitalize on these trends have been exposed. This theme will be complemented, deepening at the innovation level, at the 6th Beauty Innovations Days, which will take place at the end of January 2021.

During the presentation, which brought together 200 professionals from the beauty industry, a special mention was made of the impact generated by Covid in the sector. Covid-19 has completely changed the lifestyle of the consumer, accelerating some of the 2030 trends in beauty and personal care for the next three and five years. A renewed focus on technology has helped brands redefine the concept of physical and digital, highlighting the fine barrier that currently exists between the two worlds. The lack of interaction and communication, due to the situation of the pandemic, has shown the importance of creating unique spaces, whether physical or digital, focused on the well-being of consumers and enhancing the sense of community.

Sustainability will continue to play a very relevant role for the consumer and will be linked to the carbon footprint. That is why certain brands are going a step beyond the hand of science by offering innovative solutions; use of recycled products or natural ingredients from food industry waste; to meet the needs of the market.

The Beauty Cluster and Mintel maintain a close collaboration relationship, which will allow to carry out more future projects so that the partners can enrich themselves.