Pharmacy future management questioned

Barcelona, November 27, 2019. Beauty Cluster Barcelona in collaboration with Federació d’Associacions de Farmàcies de Catalunya (FEFAC) have organized a round table to discuss the main issues that affect the 3 the pharmaceutical bases: industry, distribution and pharmacy with the purpose of finding common points and, thus, to be able to establish win-win strategies. During the session, those aspects that most cause the sector concern have been discussed. How the product offer can be customized to make the pharmacy more attractive and functional for the user? Can the industry be a value-added partner for the pharmacy in order to establish and strengthen the personal relationship with the final consumer? Another challenge the pharmacy has is the application of new technologies and tools to get the most out of the marketing mix (product, price, point of sale and distribution). At meeting, attended industry managers such as companies like: Dentaid, Isdin or Pierre Fabré, the main distribution companies in the pharmaceutical sector and a small representation of the pharmacy.