06 JUL | Green Beauty Congress 2021 celebrated

Barcelona, 6 July 2021. The Beauty Cluster, with the collaboration of Mentactiva, has held the third edition of the Green Beauty Congress (GBC) in which 300 professionals registered. The GBC is a 360° Natural Cosmetics Forum, a benchmark in the sector, which aims to position natural cosmetics as a coherent and honest alternative in the industry. On this occasion, an online format has been chosen due to current health restrictions, making the event known beyond the national scope, and with the presence of international speakers and attendees.

During these two days it was possible to share and discuss all aspects surrounding natural cosmetics. From the new trends that are coming on strong, such as blue beauty or powder cosmetics, to the different innovative solutions that are appearing on the market, whether in the field of active ingredients, cosmetic formulation or packaging. Not to mention the current regulations, and the challenges that brands face when communicating values and claims to an increasingly demanding and informed consumer.

Sustainability played an important role throughout the congress, both in terms of processes and technology, as well as new trends and corporate strategy. There was an extensive review of the most current green solutions to be more respectful of the environment, and not only look at offsetting the carbon footprint. Another major protagonist of the day was CBD, both at a regulatory level and for its sebum-regulating potential in cosmetic formulas for the treatment of skin conditions.

Nowadays, respect for the planet, more than a requirement, has become a demand from consumers, especially among the younger public (Z generation). This fact is reflected in the increase of solutions, such as solid alternatives, the use of upcycling products or innovation in terms of packaging materials by brands. During the second day of the congress, all these areas of natural cosmetics were discussed and debated at a round table with experts and the main players in the sector.

A new feature of this year’s edition was the first Formulation Challenge; a formulation challenge in which CBD was once again the protagonist. Among the three finalists selected by the organisers, the winning formula was announced on the last day of the congress. Eugenia Álvaro’s Soft Milky Cleansear was the lucky winner, which incorporated different solutions discussed during the congress, such as upcycled ingredients and cannabidiol.