Barcelona, 15 December 2021. The Beauty Cluster has released for sale to the general public a limited series of 500 units of the winning perfumes of the III International Perfumery Competition – Mouillette d’Argent (2019 edition). The perfumes, “Effluves de Jasmins et Magnolias” and “Jasmin d’un Raid Marrocain”, were created by perfumers Daniel Pescio (France) and Sandra Iruela (Spain) and feature jasmine as the main olfactory note.

“Effluves de Jasmins et Magnolias” is a combination of floral and citrus notes that transport you to the mythical Castro district of San Francisco, its avenues of magnolia trees and wild jasmine gardens. Meanwhile, “Jasmin d’un Raid Marrocain” is a fragrance full of oriental nuances with accords of chypre, patchouli, labdanum and bergamot that take you to Marrakesh, its intense scent impregnated with spices reminiscent of the atmosphere of the great bazaars.

The packaging of the perfumes has been created by Jorgina Diaz Soley, when she was a student at the School of Art and Design Illa de Sabadell, thanks to the “Programa Talent Creatiu” of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and produced and manufactured by Rafesa; company sponsor of the contest among other relevant companies within the industry.

Both creations are already on sale, since the beginning of December, and can be found in some of the most prestigious perfumeries in the country: Les Topettes, Isidro Cosmetic Shop, Perfumería Vall and Perfumería Regia; all of them in Barcelona. As well as in a selection of Perfumería Júlia shops, both in Andorra (Les Escaldes and Illa Carlemany) and in the rest of Spain: Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya), Mataró, Valencia (Ruzafa), Madrid (Génova), Zaragoza and Bilbao. Also, en Ainea Perfums e-commerce. Also can be bought online at: BUY ONLINE