Iruela Fine Fragrances exhibits collection

Jasmin d’un Riad Marrocain, fragance that won the public prize in the II edition of the International Perfume Contest in Teià, the perfumer Sandra Iruela completes the Oriental collection with her new author perfume brand Iruela Fine Fragrances.

These are four niche fragances full of oriental hints that move you to Middle Easten culture, roots and traditions. Starting from Chypre, patchouli, labdanum and bergamot chords combined with jasmine note; the four fragances of this oriental collection recreate the intensity of typlical aromas and sensations of the East. ‘Chatoyant’, ‘Radieux’, ‘Delicieux’, ‘Luxuriant’ recall intensely sweet and woody notes, which are instantly recognizable, turning the experience of feeling its smell into an emotional journey.

Iruela Fine Fragrances new collection will be exhibit this weekend in Cotton House Hotel, under the layering concept, which allows to mix the fragrances one with each other to let go of your inspiration and create your own perfume and identity.