Barcelona, ​​July 9, 2019. Aktiva Design and Beauty Cluster Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with HP Graphic Arts and WGSN, celebrated the “Beauty Trends Summit 2019”. A day to learn about the paradigm of beauty, the latest trends in the cosmetics and perfume industry and the skills to approach a new generation of consumers in the era of omnichannel.

This first edition has included presentations on international markets, the main global trends in the beauty sector and omnichannel business models in cosmetics and perfumery. In order to help present brands analyze their strategy, positioning and new launches ahead of a technological, digital and global future.

Likewise, the more than 170 attendees of the session were able to discover the new characteristics of consumers of beauty products, what needs they urgently need in younger consumers and how companies and brands should know and respond to both new consumers and consumers. buyers already consolidated of their brands.

During the session we also discussed how the design of the products creates a new experiential conception for the consumers of cosmetics and personal care products.

The Beauty Trends Summit has concluded with the celebration of a round table in which experts in retail, marketing, online, design, among other areas such as Mariano Lesser of Aktiva Design, Isabel Mesa of WGSN, Helga Bruguera of Henkel, Pepa del Pozo de Montibello, José Gorbea of ​​Hewlett-Packard and Ivan Borrego of the Beauty Cluster Barcelona, ​​who have been able to discuss the challenges and trends in design and the creation of experiences of companies and brands.